Quality pick and pack services

All our providers are selected based on their experienced and reliable warehouse and picking staff. We want to ensure that your orders are treated with the utmost care so they get to your customers in perfect condition. All our providers can receive orders via email, CSV file, API and EDI  ensuring there is an option to suit every business.

Depending on the size and nature of your product, you will have a variety of storage options. this includes smaller bins to full pallet locations or semi secure and fully secure areas. Having a range of trusted providers means that we can cater to all products big and small.

Most providers control their pick and pack team through a WMS – Warehouse Management System. So once an order is submitted it will be processed and a pick list of your product/s is produced. This will give the pick team the location in the warehouse, code and quantity of items required.

Your orders are then pick, packed and confirmed in a methodical process. All stock transactions will be recorded and reported.

Once your orders are packed they are then ready to be shipped via post, courier or pallet network depending on your agreed terms. All our providers, work with all the biggest shipping companies to guarantee competitive rates across the board.