Ecommerce e-fulfillment services

If you are a growing e-tailers, running a web store and sourcing products is hard enough. So why not outsource the processing and delivering the product to the customer to a third party.

At Evestico, we can offer wide experience in supply chain solutions for large and smaller businesses.

We will ensure the provider we recommend can link your e-commerce site to their fulfillment systems, so your customer can shop and pay online and the orders will automatically to fed to their e-commerce fulfillment system.

As a client the provider will keep you in the picture, with online access to their system, ensuring you are aware of stock movements, transactions, re-ordering, quality issues accessible via a secure Internet portal and online reports.

Returns are kept to an absolute minimum with bar code dispatching. This is particularly helpful for smaller e-tailers where products may be similar but sold in low volume. Items are scanned on dispatch to ensure the correct product and quantity has been picked on the warehouse floor.

If you items are not bar coded, we can also provide a bar code printing service.