Evestico can recommend is an approved premise for ‘dry’ customs bonded warehousing. This will allows you to defer payment of import duty and VAT.

This gives your business the opportunity to buy in bulk from your suppliers when exchange rates are favourable or to have the satisfaction of knowing your goods are in the country for Christmas/new product launch. In addition, your goods can also be re-worked whilst in bond massively improving your business’s cash flow.

Inbound goods

Once Evestico receives information from you that the goods are en-route to the UK, we’ll instruct our provider to deal with all customs procedures and related paperwork. The provider will notify you when the stock is received and booked in.

Outbound goods

Once the goods require de-bond, again we will instruct the provider will deal with all the paperwork and move the goods into their pick/pack warehouse section or load on to a vehicle for onward delivery.

All Evestico’s bonded warehouse providers are fully approved and regularly audited by HM Revenue & Customs.