A Professional Marketing Department for just £1500 per month

According to Totaljobs the average salary of Marketing Manager in the UK in 2018 was £37,500.  If you include the additional costs of employing them, such as Employers’ NI, pension contributions, holiday, sickness, company car etc, you are looking at over £50,000 per year.

Average salary of a Marketing Manager

If you need someone with particular skills and experience, you are likely to pay a lot more. And that is before you add office space, a desk, mobile, laptop, heating, and lighting etc.

Faced with these types of costs, it no wonder companies struggle to justify such a resource and those that do, have downsized their Marketing Department.

But there is another solution that our clients like Novotek and Dr Kemms have successfully utilised. They have simply outsourced their marketing activities to Evestico. They still get the same great marketing that they would have done by an in-house team, but at a fraction of the cost.
And if you think about it, many marketing activities, such as PR, SEO, PPC, web design and development are already outsourced anyway, so why not outsource everything? Plus, most marketing activities are seasonal or project based, so why pay for a whole team of people all year round when they are only being fully utilised for part of the year?

Evestico have experience across a wide range of industry verticals and we are careful to form a symbiotic relationship with you. So to the outside world, we are your marketing department. You can utilise us for the whole year or simply turn us off and on, as and when you need us. We’re completely flexible.

So isn’t it time, you at least considered the idea of outsourcing your marketing to Evestico? With the money you could save, you could redirect it to the actual marketing budget and generate more business.

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