We’ve been in marketing for a long time

In our experience companies who tend to need marketing services from us usually fall into the following camps:

  1. They have poor brand recognition, and this can apply to both start-ups and established business for a variety of reasons.
  2. They have a poor pipeline of new enquiries, leads or sales; or they want to grow them but are unsure how to do so.
  3. Their digital presence is poor.
  4. A combination of one or more of the above.

We don’t do one size fits all

As a result, our marketing services are tailored to the individual company and usually start with a full analysis of the company and its business. Depending on the size of your business and its complexities, this can be relatively short process or a very lengthy one. By it’s very nature, this will look at all departments within the business because the problem might go further than just marketing. Other departments can also impact a company’s ability to increase sales, whether this is in finance, operations, customer service, sales, IT or even the Boardroom.

We also look at the external environment in which the company wishes to sell it products and depending on the business, this can take in account competition at all levels and their product offering, size of market and potential to grow, regulatory environment, etc. We look at how your product/s stack up against this and give an honest review.

We also review your customers, existing and potential and look at their needs, how the like to buy, how often, what support they may require etc.

Between all of this we will find some areas which you can exploit.

A properly thought out Marketing ‘Passage Plan’

Next, we will look at your objectives and targets and if we feel they are reasonable we will provide you with a fully costed ‘Passage Plan’ to reach your destination. We call it a Passage Plan rather than a ‘Road Map’ or Marketing Plan, because if you have ever done any sailing you’ll know that a Passage Plan is far more flexible and has contingency plans along the journey which is far more reflective of real life. Marketing Plans and Road Maps do not have this and march boldly on regardless of how the situation changes around them.

We won’t leave you without a skipper

Just like on a boat, if we presented you with some charts with lines drawn all over them, some compass headings and said good luck and waved goodbye, you probably wouldn’t be very happy. But that’s pretty much the service you’d get from our peers – which is why we are different. It’s our reputation on the line when we present you with the Marketing Passage Plan, so we stay with you and manage the implementation until you are ready to take the helm or for as long as you need us, the whole journey if necessary.

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